Surprisingly simple Autonomous Car using Arduino

Because of the recent development in technology and Arduino it has become increasingly simple to create advanced autonomous vehicles with Arduino. In this tutorial you will build a fully autonomous Arduino car functioning only with some simple code.

For this tutorial you will need the Arduino 2WD car kit. This kit will provide you with the essentials for building an autonomous car using Arduino. If you want to further improve your car later you can use additional sensors from the 37 in 1 sensor kit to make your car even smarter.

The first step is to assemble the kit. Inside the kit you will find a paper which explains how to assemble the frame and wheels. Once finished, it should look like this. You can also watch this video if you are finding it difficult.

The next step is to attach the Arduino + motor control shield to the frame. First, screw the bolts in the Arduino and then attach it to the frame. You can now place the motor shield on the Arduino UNO.

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