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For practically every project you need things like resistors and buttons. This simple kit provides you with an assortment of components for projects or prototyping.


A perfect kit for people just starting out. Contains the most essential components to get started with Arduino. Get the essentials gathered in one kit so you don't have to look for them individually.


Probably on of our most complete kit yet. Contains LED's, resistors, a 7-segment display, servo motor, dupont wires, various kinds of components, buttons and more. The Arduino Project Kit is perfect for your own personal projects thanks to the high number of components and modules.


A kit perfect for those needing an Arduino UNO R3 and components. Perfect for people just starting out and for more advanced people. Contains everything you need to learn and master Arduino and electronics.


Want to learn Arduino, coding and electronics? You came to the right place. The Arduino Absolute Starter kit is perfect for those brand new to the world of Arduino because it contains just the right amount of everything.


Learn Arduino and coding by building your own remote controlled car or autonomous car. Including 2 servo's, an ultrasonic sensor and a motor driver expansion shield this kit contains everything you need to get started with building amazing things with Arduino.


A collection of 37 different sensor and modules for all your project. Sensors ranging from IR to Relay modules, you can build anything with this kit.


Extensive Arduino starter kit. Including the Arduino UNO R3, RFID sensor and chip, LCD display, stepper motor and much much more. There is practically no project you cannot build with this kit because of the high number of sensors.