2WD Arduino car kit

Learn Arduino and coding by building your own remote controlled car or autonomous car. Including 2 servo’s, an ultrasonic sensor and a motor driver expansion shield this kit contains everything you need to get started with building amazing things with Arduino.


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Atalla rc-car
Atalla rc-car

2WD Arduino Car Kit 

Very easy to install yet very capable. Build a remote controlled Arduino car or build an autonomous car that drives itself wherever it likes, it is all possible. The simple mechanical structure from laser-cut acrylic is sturdy and easy to install. The HC-SR04 sensor with servo controlled pivot will keep the car away from barriers and let it drive autonomously. The motor driver expansion shield combined with the very powerful Arduino Uno allows for a very functional RC car and for high power output to the motors.


  • Learn electronics and coding by building your own RC car with Arduino
  • Control up to 4 motors (or 2 stepper motors) with the Arduino Shield
  • 2 Servo motors can be attached to the shield for convenient cable management
  • Hook up normal batteries or LiPo batteries for higher speed
  • Attach more sensors and modules to the acrylic plate for endless project possibilities.


  • 2x l298n chip
  • 130 RPM servo rotation speed
  • 8 kph max speed


  • 2WD RC car chassis
  • UNOR3 Development Board Improved Version
  • Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04
  • 2-Axis FPV Original Special Nylon PTZ for SG90 Servo
  • SG90 180 Degrees9G Micro Servo Motor
  • 10 * 20cm Female to Female 40Pin Solderless Jumper Breadboard Wires
  • L293D Motor Drive Shield Expansion Board

1 review for 2WD Arduino car kit

  1. Daniel (verified owner)

    Some pins were slightly curved. The rest was good

  2. Rhiana Pollard (verified owner)

    Some wires we bad

  3. Patrick Truong (verified owner)

    I had on LED that didn’t work the rest worked perfectly

  4. Lola-Rose Ramsay (verified owner)

    Arduino worked like a charm and the other components as well. Some pins were not curved but they still worked.

  5. AllenCoopers_3

    Really a great kit to build an RC car with. The only thing I did not like was that it was very hard to build the HR-SR04 mount.

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